Spindrift Crafts   

  Dyeing fibres using locally grown plants

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Dip dyeing to create skeins with different shades of colour.

wmixed varied

The summer harvest gave so many beautiful colours and I thought that creating skeins with a subtle change in colours would be exciting.

To achieve this result more than one dye vat would be needed and several dye sessions.

A yellow gold vat made from onion skins and a pale coral vat from madder root seemed a good place to start.

Skeins were dyed in each vat and then hung from above and dipped in the madder vat. This gave a richer colour to the madder and an orange shade to the yellow.

The results can be seen in the first five skeins in the picture below.


dipdye2 wvaried

It became quite an adventure experimenting with different shades. Although time consuming the results are beautiful and reflect the subtle changes in colour of the islands through the year.

wdipdye wvariedsquare windigoonion woad varied


Blues with yellows creating greens were very pleasing. Indigo brought into Shetland had to be used as most of the woad was finished.