Spindrift Crafts   

  Dyeing fibres using locally grown plants

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Natural Colour


On my first visit to Provence I was amazed to see the same colours, in the stone buildings and landscape, as those in the wools I dye using plants grown in Shetland. I realised that Mother Earth was as subtle an artist in France as in Shetland! After a second visit, where I explored the Ochre deposits in Rousillon, I returned with natural pigment to add to my palette of plant dyes.


The excitement of using natural colour led me to want to use found objects and recycled materials to create Planet Friendly crafted items and art work.


After visiting Provence, in the South of France, and seeing Shabby Chic style furniture comfortably settled into Ochre washed stone homes, I became inspired to explore my creativity in a new way. I have enjoyed the magic of growing plants that can be used to dye wool and cloth with the subtle colours of nature for many years. I wanted to use my skills and create items for the home using natural colours and recycled materials. Natural plant dyes, Ochre pigment and Lime wash combined help me create the Shabby Chic style I so enjoyed seeing when I was in France. Why not bring that natural comfortable style into my home in Shetland? Here I share the ideas and work that has evolved into Shabby Chic Shetland.

Ochre1done Ochre2done

Fabric paper hearts coloured using Ochre pigment from Rousillon and wool coloured using plants grown in Shetland.



Upcycled cartons treated with natural limewash.

Natural Ochre Pigment