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Spindrift Crafts

Natural colour

from plants and trees


Heather, grows in abundance in Shetland and the pinky purple flower tips have been used to dye wool for hundreds of years. Yellows, orange, brown, green and grey shades can all be found in a Heather dye vat.

Working and living in Shetland brings inspiration for creativity. The sea and landscape provide an ever changing palette of colour. Walking, watching and being in the Isles means existing close to nature in all her elemental aspects. The plants that survive the diverse climate never cease to amaze. Discovering the colours that they can dye wool feels magical. The sheep that live here are hardy animals and grow thick fleece that spins, felts and dyes well.


Dye plants have been used for many years to colour natural fibres in Shetland and across the world. Going outside to forage for dye materials is great fun, plants to colour fibre can be found where ever you live.

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